Tanin Torabi /طنین ترابی

Dance Artist (performance, choreography, film)

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طنین ترابی

طنین ترابی Tanin Torabi

Tanin Torabi (طنین ترابی) is a contemporary dance artist and curator based in Ireland. She works in the realm of performance, choreography, and film, exploring the connection between the three. Torabi holds an MA in Contemporary Dance from the University of Limerick with first-class honors and a BA in Sociology (Hons).
Torabi’s dance films have screened and studied in more than a hundred dance film and film festivals worldwide and have received numerous awards in categories like “Creative Vision Award”, “Jury Prize”, “Best Artist Film”, “Best Short Film”, “Best Inspirational Film”, “Best Inspiring Woman in a Film”, “Best Experimental Film”, “Best Cinematography” and “Best Documentary”, to name a few. In 2019, Tanin Torabi was assigned as a Jury Member of the Jacksonville Dance Film Festival alongside other world-known artists.
Tanin’s works have been described as rebellious, creative, inspiring, unbearably elegant and affecting, emblematic and poignant, empowering to women, and with clarity and an exceptional ambition that is layered with a complexity of personal and cultural nuance, by festival directors. 

Tanin has also danced in ensemble pieces by choreographers: John Scott (IRE), Helen Cathala (FR), Maurine Fleming(US), Charlie Morrissey (UK) and had some collaborations with Alexander-Jazmin Dance company, Mary Nunan, Mary Wycherley, and Catherine Young Dance during her stay in Ireland.

Since 2020, Tanin has become one of the main members of The School of Hard Knocks dance company directed by the renowned NYC based choreographer Yoshiko Chuma. Her first collaboration with Yoshiko Chuma was in the company’s online show series called SML (Saturday Morning Live)- Zooma: Dead End during the COVID-19 pandemic.